Brewing espresso -by hand -with the Espresso Pro is a mixture of science and art. The Espresso Pro is like a hand tool ,it could make difference taste of espresso due to it will follow your formula and actions .Espresso 's taste and cream is most dependent on the quality and freshness of your coffee beans and finding the right grind size.

Technical information
Model no : Espresso Pro-G (SOE)
Material : SUS Stainless and Aluminum
Brew head of volume :75 ml
Per-heat cap of volume:20 gram
Grind size:0.4-0.6mm
Dimension of machine :275x180x377mm
Packaging size :404x188x117mm
Weight : 5.2kgs
Packaging weight: 5.8kgs 



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Espresso Pro-G (SOE)

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